Best Practices Conference 2007

The Inn at Chateau Alan in Atlanta, Georgia
17 Sep 2007 - 04:00 - 19 Sep 2007 - 13:00
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Join CIDM members and colleagues at the 9th Annual Best Practices Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 17-19, 2007. At the premier industry conference for publication managers, learn how your colleagues are promoting and implementing innovative best practices.

Do your customers use Google search to find content on your company website? Do they know or care if the content was created by documentation, customer support, application engineers, or trainers? Do they rely on one another to produce content through listservs, blogs, and wikis? Do they take your information and transform it into a more useful form? You may not know the answers to these questions, but if your customers are doing these things, then you are already immersed in the peer production of innovation and value creation.

In our conversations with CIDM members, we learned about building a community of information creators, managers, and consumers inside and outside our companies. Today more than ever, we know that information development is a collaborative, social activity. As Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams tell us in Wikinomics, “A power shift is under way and a tough new business rule is emerging: Harness the new collaboration or perish.”

For 2007, we have selected Wikinomics as our theme book. Its authors tell us that people are no longer willing to be passive recipients of information. They expect to participate. Information-development managers welcome the challenge, but they also express concern about their own and their writers’ future role.



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