DITA adoption: statistics needed

Hello all,

I am preparing a half-day seminar on DITA for documentation managers and I want to stay away from all the technical details - as that will definitely scare them off. Instead, I need to talk business to them. I can invent business cases or find them through documentation companies I work with, but I would like to find statistics on what is spent on documentation and translation by large companies, just to give a background of the potential return on investment that we are talking about. For instance: how much does IBM (the whole company) spend on documentation development and maintenance per year ? DITA or no DITA. Smallish companies do not get the idea that documentation is an issue if you cannot give them impressive numbers.

If anyone can point me to information about this type of statistics, I would really appreciate it. I will write more about my work in evangelizing DITA in this blog in the near future.

Greetings (not tulips) from Amsterdam


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