DITA: It's Just XML

Over on the Really Strategies blog I've posted about the fact that DITA, while it has lots  of cool features that get a lot of us very excited, DITA can also be applied to the simplest applications. Because DITA, by dint of its unique features as a standard XML architecture, has the lowest possible cost of both initial implementation and long-term ownership, this makes DITA a compelling  business choice simply because it saves money and time relative to almost any other alternative you might choose.

I find that at least as exciting as the cool technology in DITA, simply because it makes all those cool features realistically accessible to a much wider potential set of users, many of whom simply cannot afford more expensive solutions, however much absolute functionality they provide.

The post is here: http://blog.reallysi.com/2008/11/dita-its-just-xml.html


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