E-book Offering Helps Introduce DITA to New Writers and Implementers

I am very excited about the new e-book we have produced for the Introduction to DITA. Those who already have a paper version might want to consider the electronic version to support cutting and pasting the XML markup. Others might find this an innovative way to get started using DITA in their organizations.

You access the e-book through a small desktop icon. Once inside, you can search for words or phrases, a good way to look up the intended use of a tag. You can also bookmark your copy and send your notes to other users. We hope to use the notes feature to send updates and notes to the subscribers.

To order your copy, visit our website at http://www.comtech-serv.com/e-dita.shtml. As soon as your order is completed, you receive an email that allows you to download the book.

By the way, we have updated the instructions for downloading and installing the Open Toolkit and intend to send updates to all subscribers as changes occur.

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