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Questions and answers about SeSAM and trends in the technical communication industry

This blog post lists a number of questions asked by a technical communicator about SeSAM, trends in the technical communication inudstry and problems end users are facing when using technical documentation. Below you will find my answers.

Have you applied the SeSAM principles in documenting? What were your success points and what was the downside. 

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Are you dictating how customers should run their business?

Lately, there has been an interesting discussion about whether technical communicators shall consider organizational centric tasks and/or product centric tasks when writing end user assistance. The discussions are found here and I will clarify my view in this blog post, but first some words about the process change taking place in our domain.

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Is uncertainty making release management difficult?

Have you lost control over which topic versions belongs to which product releases? Is the same type of information floating around in many different topics in the CMS? If the answer is yes, this is the blog post for you, since it suggest a solution, based on almost 15 years of modular documentation experience, for effective release management.

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For whom are you designing?

Have you reflected on what type of information you include in a manual? Meaning, for whom are you designing and writing? Your manual(s) contains certain type of information, but who needs the information, when, to do what? This blog post tries to sort it all out. Read it to find out what type of technical communicator you are.

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... and those are the reasons to why you should read Jonatan’s blog

It is time to conclude on the purpose of my blog. What am I trying to say? What do I want to accomplish? What benefits will my blog bring to my readers? Well, read this blog post to find out.

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