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Companies are contributing

Companies are contributing to the upcoming RealWorld DITA 2009 Conference.  Adobe Systems and XyEnterprise have stepped up as sponsors.  Additional companies are "vending" at the event.

Adobe is also sponsoring the Summer XML 2009 conference!  Here is a link to a recent post by Mahesh from Adobe on their blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/techcomm/. This post is about the XML conference -- happening tomorrow in Raleigh NC -- and it mentions DITA too.


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People are awesome

Our DITA Conference agenda is just about complete.  Despite the tight economy, speakers have been great about offering their expertise, and their companies have agreed to cover their travel.  These generous folks include Kent Taylor, Mahesh Kumar Gupta, Leigh White, Mollye Barrett, Don Bridges, Betty Harvey, Kristen J. Eberlein, Mariana Alupului, Jeff Jagoda, Michael Beaver, Tricia York Garrett, Susan Carpenter, Brandy Byrd Gantt, Andy Lewis, Larry Kunz, Pam Noreault, Julio J. Vazquez, Karen Deen, Frances Overby, Jon Parsons, and Dorothy Hoskins.

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Presentations for The Summer XML 2009 Conference (Raleigh NC, July 2009)


The Summer XML Conference presentations were carefully selected to be highly technical, marketing fluff free, and presented by real users and technology experts.  Presentations are set up in 3 tracks, with keynotes each day.  Here is what you can expect. 

  • Keynote: Survivor: XML (Leigh W. White, Allscripts)
  • Introduction to XSLT Concepts (Debbie Lapeyre, Mulberry Technologies)
  • Introduction to DITA (Kristen James Eberlein, IBM)
  • Ex-XHTML HTML (Doug Schepers, W3C)
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Seeking a DITA map presenter for DITA conference

I produced the first fully DITA conference in the US a few years back. Each year since then, I've had the pleasure to work on one or two DITA conferences per year.  For each, I pushed to ensure the conference provide a well-rounded user education experience.

So, one of my main tasks over the next week or so is to locate a speaker for a conference presentation on DITA maps.  A low-to-high technical presentation, maybe with a corny title -- cartography or navigation or something in the title. :-) 

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Introductions to XML, XSLT, and DITA offered at conference

The XML conference I'm producing covers many aspects of XML.  The audience is always varied, with engineers, gurus, newbies, managers, tech comm folks, IT folks, and others coming to learn and network.


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