Why is it Important to Design for the Searching User?

In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Because if we don’t, us technical communicators will be out of a job. To stay competitive in our field, we must embrace change and design for the searching user of today. A design approach called dialogism might be what you need.

Well, I might exaggerate, but If we as technical communicators continue designing according to the book paradigm, we face the risk that our employer will cut back on technical documentation budgets in favor of other, more efficient solutions, such as social customer support, or virtual assistance.

So what can we do? In this post, I discuss why we should design for the searching user, and what it actually means. This could be one way of demonstrating our value in our company. The technical communication design approach I promote throughout the Designing for the Searching User series is something I refer to as dialogism. Read more...

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