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Functional Preview of DITA Visual Specialization Manager

DITAworks development team is now actively working on release of first version of DITA Visual Specialization Manager (DVSM) that allows management of DITA Specializations in visual and easy way (for more details see: http://www.ditaworks.com/modeling/).

DITA Visual Specialization Manager is planned to be released this week, but now you have a possibility to get a first preview of available functionality by watching some fresh screen casts published on DITAworks website. These demos cover following functions of DVSM:

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Development of DITA-based help content for Eclipse RCP applications

This blog posts discusses how to integrate DITA-based documentation into Eclipse RCP applications and facilitate efficient collaboration between development and documentation teams. Post also describes how proposed strategies are implemented in DITAworks: DITA-based authoring tool.

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Using DITA for publishing documentation in Eclipse Help format

This article discusses main challenges that documentation team faces when it decides to use DITA as a source format for Eclipse Help documentation. It also explains how DITAworks documentation tool plans to address these challenges.

About Eclipse Help

The Eclipse Platform includes its own help system based on an XML table of contents referencing HTML files.  This is a standard way to document Eclipse-based software products.

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Common errors in DITA specializations

DITA Specialization opens a new dimension for customizing DITA to needs of different enterprises. But doing a valid specialization is not a trivial process. It requires rather deep understanding of DITA internals and command in technologies like DTD, XML Schema and s.o.

But even with sufficient knowledge of DTD (or XML Schema) coding, doing a valid specialization requires knowledge of certain DITA principles and rules. Just designing a valid DTD will not necessarily mean that you have a valid DITA model. 

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