DITA Quick Start Workshop : 16-18 March, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Utrecht, The Netherlands
16 Mar 2009 - 09:00 - 18 Mar 2009 - 17:00
Event Type: 
Training Class

Offered by Suite Solutions & iDTP

Offered in Utrecht, The Netherlands (near Amsterdam), the DITA Quick Start Workshop is designed to get you up and running authoring, managing and publishing your content using DITA. The workshop is intensive, pragmatic and includes plenty of hands-on exercises.

After completing the workshop, you will:
- Be well grounded in the foundations of using DITA for documentation and training content
- Have hands-on experience authoring DITA content and assembling topics into deliverables
- Understand the basics of information architecture and be able to design your own content model, plan for reuse and achieve multi-purpose documents
- Be able to publish your content into PDF and HTML-based formats using the DITA Open Toolkit

As part of the training, we will help you to install and configure the DITA Open Toolkit so you can publish your own documents.

Small class, maximum interaction: The class will be kept small to allow plenty of interaction with the instructor, so register today to reserve your place.

 Contact: solutions@suite-sol.com or wim@idtp.eu 

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