DITA Rockstars Summer Camp: Converting Legacy Content to DITA

28 Aug 2013 - 12:00 - 13:00
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Conversion to DITA doesn’t have to be complex, slow, and expensive. How can a just-in-time / on-demand approach make conversion quick and affordable? 
About the Presenters:
CEO and joint-founder of Stilo International, Les Burnham has overseen the development and marketing of SGML/XML content processing technologies and solutions for many years, across industry sectors including publishing, aerospace and defence, high-tech, engineering and government. He initiated the development of the Migrate cloud content conversion service to address the conversion requirements of small and medium enterprises through to large corporations including IBM and Cisco.
Helen St Denis, Conversion Services Manager, joined Stilo as a technical editor in the documentation team, and now works closely with our Migrate customers, helping to analyze their legacy content, configure dedicated conversion portals and provide training and support on an ongoing basis. She has helped to convert many thousands of pages from FrameMaker, Word, RoboHelp and InDesign files to DITA and other XML formats.
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