Minimalism: Creating Information People Really Need

Lanham, MD
5 Dec 2012 - 08:30 - 6 Dec 2012 - 04:30
Event Type: 
Training Class

The JoAnn Hackos Workshop Series announces the Minimalism: Creating Information People Really Need workshop in Lanham, MD December 5–6, 2012 taught by Bill Gearhart. We invite you to join Bill in understanding the key to getting the maximum return on your single-sourcing investment. Learn how to reduce the quantity of documentation you produce by focusing on the needs of the users, eliminating unnecessary verbiage, and aligning your documentation strategy with your company’s market position.

Minimalism continues to be one of our most popular workshops. As you know, information developers everywhere are being told to cut the volume, reduce costs for translation, make information more easily accessible, and provide only what audiences need to know. The Minimalism workshop gives you specific guidelines for evaluating your information and making the right decisions to reduce the volume. But the Minimalism workshop is not about cutting the verbiage alone. We focus on what readers really need to know.

Bring your own materials to the workshop and participate in a series of hands-on sessions to examine your documents and plan for major changes. Many attendees report on decreasing documentation volume by 50% and translation costs by more.

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