Stilo DITA Knowledge Series WEBINAR Smart guidance in your enterprise authoring environment | Acrolinx & AuthorBridge

10 Feb 2016 - 09:00 - 10:00
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The Acrolinx platform helps the world's greatest brands create amazing content at scale.

Ulrich Callmeier, COO | Acrolinx
Les Burnham, CEO & Patrick Baker, VP Development & Professional Services | Stilo

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
9am PST | 12noon EST | 5pm GMT | 6pm CET

How can you ensure content quality and consistency across your company and how can you be confident your content will achieve the desired results? These are some of the biggest challenges organizations face as they attempt to scale and grow their content production.

Join us, and our partner Acrolinx, for this Stilo DITA Knowledge Series webinar as we show you how content optimization software helps you keep everything you write on-brand and on-target. Built on an advanced linguistic engine, Acrolinx software “reads” and scores your content and guides your writers to make it better. Like having your own personal content coach at all times, Acrolinx pinpoints areas to improve and displays them in a convenient sidebar directly within your authoring environment.

And as Acrolinx is now integrated with Stilo’s browser-based enterprise DITA authoring solution, AuthorBridge – you can not only guide writers to make content better, you can also guide them to author structured content without requiring any knowledge of DITA or XML. AuthorBridge provides visual controls and cues to guide the author naturally, with no explicit tagging or structure to directly manage, allowing the SME to concentrate exclusively on authoring the content.

The webinar will include a demo of Acrolinx and AuthorBridge.

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