Task Support Clusters: A Focused Architecture for Practical User Assistance

23 Oct 2008 - 13:00 - 14:30
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Task Support Clusters: A Focused Architecture for Practical User Assistance

A task-support cluster is a group of help topics that meet the specific information needs of a user who is currently working within the user interface. It is designed to answer the most likely questions first and then let the user drill down to more detailed, elementary, or advanced information if needed. This presentation shows detailed architectural patterns aimed at meeting domain expertise needs of users (versus interaction-intensive procedures) within a DITA model and demonstrates how Task Modeler, an open source tool, can be used to quickly design task support clusters and convert them into DITA maps. The architectural principles, however, can be applied outside of a DITA context.

Presented by Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes has a PhD in Instructional Technology, a Masters in Technical and Professional Communication, is a Fellow with STC, and a Certified Performance Technologist through the International Society for Performance Improvement. His professional focus is supporting user experiences that accommodate the “user as learner.” Hughes works for IBM Internet Security Systems as a User Assistance Architect identifying tools, methods, and standards to integrate the content and delivery of user assistance, including documentation, help, e-learning, and training.

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