Webinar: Automating content conversion to DITA, Tuesday, Sept 18 @ 10am & 1pm EDT

18 Sep 2012 - 10:00 - 13:00
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Convert FrameMaker, Word, RoboHelp, XML/SGMLdocuments to DITA

If you're converting legacy content to DITA, using either DIY tools or outsourced services, AUTOMATION plays a very important part in the conversion process.  And the degree of automation achieved, be it 80%, 90% or 95% effective, can have a massive impact on the level of manual pre- and post-processing required.

This in turn can adversely impact production schedules, add to overall project costs, and increase the likelihood of errors as SMEs manually plough through batches of 'converted' content, either for final clean-up or to report errors back to the outsourced service provider, prior to another round of processing.

Stilo's Migrate cloud conversion service cuts through these issues by providing users with a dedicated REAL TIME, ON-DEMAND conversion portal that places subject matter experts in complete CONTROL of the conversion process.  Migrate achieves extremely high levels of automation, enabling users to work at their own pace, according to their own production schedules and also at reduced costs compared to alternative approaches.

If you would like to understand why companies including IBM, EMC, Cisco, Varian Medical Systems, Micron and Schlumberger, among many others, have chosen to use the Migrate cloud conversion service - then register to attend our free one-hour webinar on Tuesday, September 18, 2012.  The webinar is being broadcast live at two different times - 10am EDT and 1pm EDT - simply select the session that best suits.

Whether you need to convert just a few hundred pages, or tens of thousands of pages, we will demonstrate how the Migrate service can help you.

Register Here for TUESDAY, September 18 at 10am EDT
Register Here for TUESDAY, September 18 at 1pm EDT

All webinar attendees will receive a free copy of our whitepaper 'Migrating to DITA: How automated content conversion works and why it matters to you'.

Learn more about Migrate at: www.stilo.com/migrate

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