[WEBINAR] Stilo DITA Knowledge Series: Automating conversion of content from MS Word to DITA

18 Mar 2014 - 12:00 - 12:40
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Tuesday March 18, 2014
9am PDT | 12noon EDT | 4pm GMT

If you’re in the process of converting legacy content from MS Word to DITA, or the early stages of investigating conversion options, why not join us for a free 40-minute webinar as part of the 2014 Stilo DITA Knowledge Series to discover how the Migrate cloud content conversion service enables technical authors and subject matter experts to:

* Convert MS Word documents to DITA in real-time
* Cut down on manual pre-prep and post-conversion clean up tasks
* Work at their own pace
* Be in complete control of the conversion process
* Reduce overall conversion costs

See a live demo of the Migrate service, as we convert a MS Word document to DITA in real-time and show how output quality can be iteratively improved using the Migrate Rules Editor.

And discover why Migrate is the cloud conversion service of choice for companies including IBM, Cisco, VCE, TIBCO, Cassidian, Extreme Networks, Micron and Varian Medical Systems.

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