[WEBINAR] Stilo DITA Knowledge Series | Extending DITA beyond Tech Pubs at EMC

16 Jun 2015 - 09:00 - 10:00
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Patricia Burrows, Director, Information Experience| EMC Corporation

Presented by Patricia Burrows, Director, Information Experience at EMC Corporation

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 9am PDT | 12noon EDT | 5pm BST 

EMC began the move to DITA in 2010 as part of the Information Liquidity initiative, forming the Global Information Management team, and opening the system to their technical writing community in 2011, with a tool chain that now supports localization, guided authoring, and multiple output types.

They had a very ambitious roadmap for migrating all of the information development communities, and then move “beyond tech pubs”.

Three years later, with the majority of the product writing teams migrated to the new infrastructure and authoring in DITA, the next logical step, then, would be to move outside the product writing teams and engage the “non-tech pubs” communities.

As with all large companies, organizational changes often trigger modifications to strategies and initiatives within those organizations, and so it has at EMC. In this presentation Pat will share how the newly formed Information Experience shared service group, which encompasses Globalization, Information Development, Standards, Tools and Processes, has given EMC an opportunity to take a fresh look at their strategy and priorities, and rethink the best way to continue moving the business of structured authoring and DITA adoption forward, and beyond traditional “Tech Pubs”.

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Pat Burrows is the Director of Information Experience at EMC where she is responsible for leading teams in content delivery, as well as continuing to lead initiatives that drive the enterprise content strategy forward. In her previous role as Director of Global Information Management, Pat was responsible for developing the enterprise content strategy, optimizing the information development tool chain, and improving EMC’s customer information experience. Pat has held a range of positions over her 14 years at EMC including Sr. Manager of Information Development, where she drove the business case to transition the Information Development teams to DITA using structured authoring and content management.

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