Comet Computer GmbH / Comet Communication GmbH

Comet is the market leader in Germany for technical documentation. Our strength is optimized time-to-market for even the most challenging timeframes.

As a full-service provider of technical documentation solutions, Comet offers:

  • Print and online documentation
  • Localization and translation
  • Single-source publishing
  • Training courses
  • Consulting
  • Resale of best-in-class documentation tools

We work to ensure that your documentation is a success.

Comet was one of the first companies in Germany to recognize the full potential of DITA. With DITA, Comet offers its customers an open, standardized information architecture, which can be flexibly adapted to meet different documentation requirements.

Since August 2007, we intensified our involvement in OASIS to Sponsor-level membership, thus increasing our commitment to the further development of DITA. Professor Sissi Closs is a DITA pioneer in Germany and has made it a popular topic through her many talks and articles for the industry. She is a member of the DITA sub-committee for mechanical engineering and online help.

Comet Computer / Comet Communication GmbH
Professor Sissi Closs
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