DITA Users

The DITA Users website (www.ditausers.org) has a number of DITA resources:

DITA News. About 30 places to go for news about DITA.

DITA Websites. 20 of the important websites covering DITA today.

DITA Mailing Lists. 6 mailing lists with frequent mentions of DITA.

DITA Publications. 37 publications and a link to a few dozen great presentations on DITA.

DITA Communities. 11 communities, mostly in North America so far.

DITA Glossary. A glossary of about 50 DITA-related terms, which can be syndicated to serve on your website.


DITA Elements. A table of links into the DITA Language Specification (including version 1.1).

DITA Specifications. A table of links into the DITA Architectural Specification (including version 1.1).

DITA Open Toolkit User Guide and Reference. Links to the parts of the Open Toolkit User Guide and Reference.

We are also working on a Help-style user interface to the OASIS DITA Language Specification, Architectureal Specification, and OT User Guide,.

We have published this as DITA Infocenter (www.ditainfocenter.com).


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