Generating CHM: do all embedded files need to be in subfolders?

I've been trying to generate a CHM file which references images in a sibling folder (strictly speaking, a sibling subfolder).

The output HTML is in the folder myfolder/out; each file includes the following image reference:

<img src="../templates/images/logo.jpg">


When I look at the HTML files in a browser, the image appears, but when I open the CHM, it's missing.

Similarly, the CSS I'm using is applied when I view the topics in a browser, but is not applied in the CHM.

I don't want to include my images and CSS in subfolder of the out folder, because as I see it, the output folder should contain output and nothing else. Is there any way round this (e.g. configure the DITA Toolkit to copy the image files and CSS automatically to the output folder)?


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