inclusion path

I'm wondering if it is simple to ask a processing engine to search for included resources through several paths rather than just the base path of the document being processed.  E.g., suppose a processor encounters


<synph conref="../foo/bar.xml#here">xxx</synph>


If the document in which this occurs is located at /my/test/area/doc1, having been extracted from /company/repository, one would like to have the processor search first in /my/test/area/foo for bar.xml, and failing that, follow on by looking in /company/repository/foo for bar.xml.  So the resource search path might be set to


/my/test/area/doc1 : /company/repository/doc1


We have some other tools in place which provide this functionality and I wonder if the Toolkit already does or can easily be configured to do so.


Thanks for any help.


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