Free White Paper: Extreme DITA - Leveraging Extensibility to Deliver Solutions

This paper presents some of the implementation experiences that Stilo has had with DITA over the last couple of years. What emerges from this review is a ringing endorsement of DITA as a fundamentally effective way to approach the most common, and frequently most exasperating, challenges associated with projects mandated with modernizing how documentation is created, managed and published. Three cases are included in this paper:

  • Using DITA to discover requirements and adapt to user experiences within a Regulatory Process eLearning Solution
  • Deploying DITA as the architectural backbone within leading-edge Aerospace Documentation Solutions that must overcome bewildering complexity
  • Leveraging DITA to introduce critical capabilities into massive online information portals where information discovery and navigation present daunting problems

It is hoped that in surveying these projects, and some of the perspectives that emerge about the merits of DITA, readers will be able to see DITA in a slightly different light and perhaps find some new ways in which they might derive more benefits from what DITA has to offer.

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