MP: STC 2007 Day 4

The conference finished off with a number of DITA case studies, from BusinessObjects, RIM, and PTC.

I highly recommend Larissa Sliwinsky's "Real-World DITA" case study on usage at Business Objects (ppt available from the STC session materials site). The business driver was customer complaints about lack of information, out-of-date information: as someone with a background in user assistance, it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy when someone chooses DITA to improve their customer experience/information quality, instead of focusing solely on its reuse benefits.

In addition, the Business Object's case is building coordination across previously unaligned teams, such as training and documentation - cross-discipline reuse for similar subjects is I think one of the bridges DITA was meant to build, so again it's great to see it being put to its intended use.

RIM's presentation also focused on quality issues, and the importance of rewriting during migration to take full advantage of topic orientation.

Unfortunately I'm out of time, and I'm going to have to leave it at that so I can catch my flight.

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