[ARTICLE] Stilo DITA Knowledge Series. Best practices for authors to consider before converting legacy content to DITA

Read the first article in the Stilo DITA Knowledge Series which comprises a range of webinars, articles and workshops intended to help improve participants understanding of DITA and the Migrate cloud conversion service.

The article has been written by Jacquie Samuels, the owner of Writing Wise, a company that focuses on providing end-to-end DITA solutions.  Jacquie is also presenting a complementary webinar on January 31, 2013.  Entitled Key elements of a successful DITA conversion project, this free 40-minute webinar, brought to you by Stilo and moderated by Scott Abel of The Content Wrangler, discusses the key elements to consider when converting content to DITA.

Article abstract:

When first making the move to DITA, there are some very important best practices that authors should consider before converting their legacy content.

When doing any sort of conversion from one format to another, the riding principle is always GIGO(garbage in, garbage out). If your legacy content is not particularly good, then converting it to DITA will only create indifferent content in a so-so DITA markup. The result: failure.

So what authoring best practices should you consider before converting your legacy content?

Read the first article in the Series

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