DITA Maturity Model Community holds contest

Submit your quality contributions to the newly launched DITA Maturity Model Community (MMC) from 1 June – 31 August 2008, and you could win an 8GB Apple iPod Touch and two tickets to DocTrain East.

The DITA MMC (part of the DITA XML.org Wiki Knowledgebase) is an extension of the original white paper developed by Michael Priestley, lead IBM DITA architect, and Amber Swope, principal consultant for JustSystems. The DITA MMC lets you browse, edit, and add to a collaborative knowledgebase of information on using and understanding the DITA Maturity Model.

The goal of the DITA Maturity Model Community is to elevate the discussion off the page,” said Jake Sorofman, senior vice president of marketing and business development for JustSystems. “Now, practitioners, managers and executives have access to a working forum where they can share knowledge and practical guidance, develop business cases, test out implementation scenarios, and get peer-to-peer advice.”

Contribute as Often as You Like

Every high quality comment posted to any of the DITA MMC pages automatically gives you another chance to win:

Start contributing now!

*Contest runs from 12:01 am (US PDT) 1 June to 11:59 pm (US PDT) 31 August 2008. All comment posted are subject to review and approval for quality and relevance to the DITA Maturity Model. Entries will be judged by moderator, Scott Abel of the Content Wrangler. The winning entry will be selected and the winner contacted by 15 September 2008.

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