A recent project requirement of mine has prompted the development of DITA extensions for the popular open source Joomla! 1.5 content management system (CMS).

The DITA4Joomla Project enables the authoring, management and publishing of DITA content through the Joomla! CMS.

This project is currently under development and contains two available Joomla! plugins which extend the CMS to Support DITA content as a documentation format. These plugins include the integration of the DITA Storm Wysiwig editor (excludes the DITAStorm editor, just integration code) and another for server side transformation of DITA content to HTML.

Online demo site

Site content has been written in DITA and is rendered on-the-fly by the server. The project plugins are also available for download from here.


DITA4Joomla project site


SVN source code repository

svn checkout http://joomlacode.org/svn/dita4joomla


Alex Griessel
Email: alex.griessel@webnetix.co.za

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