Expose your existing DITA content investment through Office

Repurposing your DITA content investment has never been simpler! We, at DITALabs, would like to introduce our awesome office integration suite of products. Easily search and reuse your DITA topics and maps from MS Word, Outlook and powerpoint. Our system integrates with existing content management systems, including Alfresco, MS Sharepoint and even your file system!

It enables you to deliver the right information, to the right people, in a fraction of the time. This and more using the products you already know.

Some benefits include:

  • Search and reuse DITA Topics and Maps from Office
  • Intuitive User Interface from Word, Outlook and Powerpoint
  • Avoid complex styling and XLSFO headaches
  • Fast, tailored content delivery
  • Access major CMS providers including Alfresco, Sharepoint and even your file system!
  • On-the-fly content generation and delivery through Joomla also available
  • No complicated learning curves
  • Authoring environment integration


Check us out at http://www.ditalabs.com/ or schedule a demo by contacting info@webnetix.co.za

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