Free Webinar Series: Unravelling the Mysteries of Cloud-based DITA CMS

The practical benefits of a DITA CMS are known to most in the technical documentation area. But the hurdles in implementing one are known as well to most. Implementing a DITA Content Management Solution (CMS) means substantial investments in time, money and personnel. On top of that, it has to be consistently kept up-to-date.

To get the best of both worlds where you have a DITA CMS at your disposal and don't end up with huge investments, Cloud-based DITA CMS is the perfect solution. We will introduce you to the way this solution functions through our series of webinars:

Part 1: Benefit from taking your technical writing to the Cloud

Date/Time: Feb. 27, 2014 16.00 CET (Berlin time)

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Part 2: How Cloud equates to an efficient review process

Date/Time: Mar. 04, 2014 16.00 CET (Berlin time)

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Part 3: Take your documentation global: Cloud-based localization process

Date/Time: Mar. 06, 2014 16.00 CET (Berlin time)

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