*instinctools provides another layer of user support in DITAworks CMS: Getting Started Assistant

The new "Getting Started Assistant" will guide new users as well as seasoned professionals through the steps involved in generating quality DITA documentation and to make the best use of the comprehensive CMS functionality of DITAworks.

Stuttgart, March 10, 2015 – *instinctools has strengthened the support system for their DITA CMS, DITAworks, by introducing the new Getting Started Assistant. DITAworks users can now use this interactive inbuilt Assistant from inside the CMS. 

The emphasis for this recent update for DITAworks has been on providing the users an optimal user experience. Most of the times, users new to DITA or to CMS lose their way because of the plethora of possibilities. The new Assistant gives an initial introduction and goes step by step through the different components of the DITAworks CMS to help the user deliver quality DITA documentation in a productive and efficient manner.

This new Assistant is unobtrusively placed in the DITAworks UI and can be easily called or recalled when needed. It is designed to be interactive to maximize the learning potential. An arrow points to the component being introduced and along with reading about it, the users can also see where it is placed and work with it in a hands-on manner. The assistant follows a sequential progress which even a novice will find easy to follow. The seasoned DITA professionals can find it equally educational to get acquainted with the DITAworks CMS components and learn how to make the best use of it. 

DITAworks is a ready-to-use DITA CMS (Content Management System) with enterprise-grade component content management functionality. It comes in two versions: DITAworks Webtop for onsite installation and DITAworks Cloud, a cloud service that provides an affordable way for users to benefit from the productivity of a modern, topic-oriented documentation using the state-of-the-art CMS infrastructure. The DITAworks product line also includes other product variants and additional modules that can be deployed as per every customer requirements. These DITA CMS products provide very sound solutions for structured documentation, structured content und single source publishing for small to big enterprises.

For further information about DITAworks CMS, please go to http://www.ditaworks.com or write to info@instinctools.com. 


About *instinctools:

*instinctools delivers software and services in the areas of custom Eclipse and Java development, consulting and implementation of single-source solutions with DITA and content management projects. With DITAworks, *instinctools provides an DITA CMS for modeling, authoring and publication of complex documentation. *instinctools has over fifteen years of experience in the successful implementation of innovative software solutions and is a member of tekom.


Amit Tejpaul

Solutions Consultant
*instinctools GmbH
Phone: +49  711 66 48 36 95


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