Release of XMLmind Word To XML v1.2.2

Release of XMLmind Word To XML v1.2.2

  • A few minor enhancements.
  • Several bug fixes, some of them important; please upgrade.

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 What is XMLmind Word To XML?

XMLmind Word To XML (w2x) can automatically convert DOCX files to structured, valid DITA maps and topics.

Because w2x does not leverage MS-Word style names to do its job, you'll get good results out of the box. However, in some cases, you'll have to map a custom MS-Word style (e.g. "CodeSample") to an XML element (e.g. <codeblock>) to get excellent results.

Fortunately, as of v1.2, desktop application w2x-app has a setup assistant including an easy-to-use style mapper.


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