Suite Solutions Announces Release of SuiteHelp 3.2

NEW YORK, NY and JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – April 29, 2014 – Suite Solutions, a leader in dynamic content delivery, today announced the release SuiteHelp 3.2, the latest version of Suite Solutions’ advanced web help platform. The new version of SuiteHelp strengthens its already established reputation as an enterprise-class, “industrial strength” solution. Its HTML5 responsive design includes filtering for different help audiences, context sensitivity, asynchronous loading for quick access to large help sets, automated thumbnails for large graphics such as schematics and engineering drawings, automatic rebranding for OEM, and flexible deployment options with SuiteHelp Server. In addition, SuiteHelp 3.2 offers smooth integration with leading XML authoring and CMS tools, improved interface localization, and support for the latest MathML version for mathematical equations. “We are excited to release this improved version of SuiteHelp,” said Joe Gelb, President of Suite Solutions. “SuiteHelp stands out in the market as the most effective solution for enterprise-level help. With this latest release, SuiteHelp’s position is further established as the best choice for companies who need a comprehensive, reliable and secure solution for online help. We have added features that enable large and complex help publications to be quickly available to their intended audiences with reliable and responsive web help. In addition, by making integration with complementary solutions for XML authoring and CMS even easier, we join with partners in providing complete, end-to-end solutions for our customers.” SuiteHelp supports all basic online help functionality such as a collapsible table of contents, index, search, glossary, breadcrumbs, browse and context sensitivity. The content and platform can be fully localized into multiple languages, including European, Far Eastern and right-to-left languages. SuiteHelp can be deployed in a variety of configurations on a server or client. The platform supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Windows, Linux and Mac. It remains backwards compatible with older systems by implementing graceful degradation.   SuiteHelp is easily modified to support corporate branding standards, color schemes, logos and icons using standard HTML5 and CSS3 templates. Suite Solutions offers basic branding services and customizations as part of the SuiteHelp package. About Suite Solutions Suite Solutions provides the content delivery platforms and professional services you need to engage your customers by providing quick access to relevant information. Our experience and DITA Quick Start approach help you get it right the first time and quickly realize the benefits and ROI of XML-based information. DITA implementation services include style sheet development for a multitude of output formats in multiple languages, dynamic publishing using the SuiteShare knowledge base platform, content conversion, training, consulting, information architecture guidance, custom integration and support. Suite Solutions’ strong team of professionals is proficient in industry standards and best practices and has extensive experience with a broad range of projects. We think out of the box to find creative solutions to the needs of each organization, providing responsive support and uncompromising professionalism. Learn more at:
Press Contact: Joe Gelb – 609-360-0650
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