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DITA User Groups (DUGs) or DITA Special Interest Groups (DIGs) facilitate knowledge sharing among users in specific geographic areas or among those with similar interests.

DITA offers free online hosting services for DUGs and DIGs and also provides information and links to groups with external sites.

Currently Active Groups:


United States



New Groups

If you're interested in forming a DITA Users Group in your local area or within your field of interest, post your request here. Include your email address to encourage others in your area to contact you.

  • Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh area. There have been markup language users groups in this area before, and I think such a user group would be well received. Please contact Kay Ethier if you are in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in meetings.
  • Minnesota: Twin Cities or Rochester area. Looking for interest in a new user's group. Contact robander at if interested.
  • Brisbane, Australia: I would like to share DITA experiences with anybody in Brisbane, in particular, or anywhere in Australia and maybe consider setting up a DITA user group. Please contact
  • Finland: If you would be interested in joining us in forming a DITA User Group in Finland, please contact Timo Nevalainen at
  • Ohio (USA): Columbus/Dublin. Our company is new to DITA and would like to form a User Group in our area. Please contact if interested.
  • England(UK). Looking for interest in DITA user groups for the UK. (I'm based near Winchester, Hampshire.) If you are interested, contact
  • South Africa(ZA). Looking to create an active DITA user group in South Africa. Currently situated in Pretoria, Centurion. Please visit or contact for more information.
  • Kansas City: Looking to create an active DITA user group in the Kansas City area to share ideas and experiences. If interested, please contact Heather Parsons at
  • Facebook DITA group
  • Montreal, Canada. Looking to create a DITA user group. If interested, please contact Martin Filteau at Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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