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DITA Quick Start Webinar Series

Are you considering or starting a migration to DITA XML? Do you seek the foundation from which to start? The Suite Solutions DITA Quick Start webinar series will help you get it right the first time. 
These webinars are complimentary.

DITA Quick Start for Authors

Presenter: Joe Gelb, President, Suite Solutions

Part I

Part II

• Introduction to XML and Structured Authoring 
• Overview of DITA 
• Topics: The Basic Information Types 
• Maps: Assembling Topics into Deliverables 
• Common elements and attributes 
• Metadata 
• Examples and exercises

Upcoming Quick Start Webinars

Getting Started with the DITA Open Toolkit 
Getting Started with Information Architecture 
System Architecture of a Basic DITA Toolset 
Migrating to DITA: Building a Project Plan 
Migrating to DITA: Defining Your Style Sheet Requirements 
Migrating to DITA: Defining Your Conversion Requirements 
Migrating to DITA: Defining Your Translation Requirements


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