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More and more companies are realizing that providing good user experience is one of the key factors in success of their products or services. And localized quality documentation is always going to go a long way in facilitating an improved user experience. Now if we combine effectiveness of a translation management system with the productivity and cost effectiveness of a robust DITA CMS, we have a solution which will endear itself to the documentation departments as well as strategists of a company.

We will introduce you to such a solution through our joint webinar with our partner, XTM International. Recently, *instinctools concluded comprehensive integration of XTM translation management software into the updated DITAworks CMS. We will take a look in the webinar how seamless integration of translation workflow in DITA CMS can provide better organization control and costs and time savings.



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DITA management and localization with DITAworks & XTM (Session 1*)

Dec. 09, 2014 
9:30 am Europe Time (Berlin, GMT+01:00) 

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DITA management and localization with DITAworks & XTM (Session 2*)

Dec. 09, 2014
10.00 am Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00)

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*The same webinar will be held twice so as to suit all different timezones.

For further information about DITAworks CMS and the new XTM integration, visit or write to us at

For more detail about XTM, visit



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Solutions Consultant
*instinctools GmbH
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