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9 Jun 2015 - 09:00 - 09:30
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In this webinar we tackle the DITA feature keyrefs and conkeyrefs. The keyref and conkeyref mechanisms allow you to easily switch variable content.  We will show how keys and key references are referenced by DITA maps; how processing is evaluated; how to combine keys with maps for easier manageability; and how to use conkey references instead of conref to simplify reuse and manage your content.

There are two webinars available:

The first is more conceptual. We will talk about how keys and conkeys work, how they are resolved in the processing pipeline and how levels of map can help manage variable content. Examples will be used to demonstrate how everything works. 

In the second webinar, we'll be more practical and show how to create keys and conkeys and how to reference them in source content. We will be demonstrating the practical how-to using Arbortext.

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