Potential new DITA user groups

If you're interested in forming a DITA Users Group in your local area or within your field of interest, add a comment to the DITA user groups main page. Include your email address to encourage others in your area to contact you.

Archive of potential new groups: 

  • Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh area.
    There have been markup language users groups in this area before, and I
    think such a user group would be well received. Please contact Kay Ethier if you are in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in meetings.
  • Minnesota:
    Twin Cities or Rochester area. Looking for interest in a new user's
    group. Contact robander at us.ibm.com if interested.
  • Brisbane,
    Australia: I would like to share DITA experiences with anybody in
    Brisbane, in particular, or anywhere in Australia and maybe consider
    setting up a DITA user group. Please contact KenFredric@aurion.com.au.
  • Finland: If you would be interested in joining us in forming a DITA User Group in Finland, please contact Timo Nevalainen at timo.nevalainen@citec.fi.
  • Ohio (USA): Columbus/Dublin. Our company is new to DITA and would like to form a User Group in our area. Please contact melinda_rose@stercomm.com if interested.
  • England(UK).
    Looking for interest in DITA user groups for the UK. (I'm based near
    Winchester, Hampshire.) If you are interested, contact ian_larner@uk.ibm.com.
  • South
    Africa(ZA). Looking to create an active DITA user group in South
    Africa. Currently situated in Pretoria, Centurion. Please visit http://dita.webnetix.co.za or contact alex.griessel@webnetix.co.za for more information.
  • Kansas
    City: Looking to create an active DITA user group in the Kansas City
    area to share ideas and experiences. If interested, please contact
    Heather Parsons at parsons_heather@bah.com
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