DITA visual editing in Eclipse with Vex

Just wanted to draw folks' attention to a new Eclipse project: Vex, a visual XML editor.

While they mention DITA as one of the goals for the project, I'm not sure that they have DITA skills currently on the contributing team, so I know they could use help.

If you're using Eclipse currently for DITA, or just like the idea of an open-source visual editor for DITA, I encourage you to go over and contribute your support in whatever way you can: encouragement, ideas, and most importantly the skills and time to help develop and document the new project. 

More details:

The Visual Editor for XML (VEX)is being developed in the Eclipse Webtools Incubator project.

For the specific proposal, see

General questions can be asked on the webtools newsgroup:

If anyone is interested in joining the development effort, you can post questions/comments to the dev list:


-- Michael Priestley

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