DITA Groups on The Content Wrangler Community

You can find a wide variety of groups that focus on DITA on The Content Wrangler Community, the global network for content professionals. Membership is free and requires online registration. Each group is moderated by an industry expert. Some of the most popular groups include:

  • DITA Metrics -- The purpose of this group is to promote the discussion and education of metrics for DITA.
  • DITA in FrameMaker -- A forum to discuss DITA-based authoring in Adobe FrameMaker.
  • DITA Users -- A meeting place for existing DITA Users.
  • DITA for Training and eLearning -- A forum to discuss DITA use in training and learning projects.
  • DITA in XMetaL -- A spot for discussion of DITA-based authoring and publishing in JustSystems XMetaL.
  • DITA for Help -- A group for exploring the adoption of DITA for creating and delivering online user assistance (e.g., online help).
  • DITA for Medical Manufacturing and Life Sciences -- A place to talk DITA for product manufacturing and medical engineering applications.
  • DITA and Content Management -- Discussion and Q&A on the pros / cons, how-tos and pitfalls of DITA and (Component) Content Management.
  • DITA Maturity Model -- The purpose of this group is to promote the DITA Maturity Model and encourage participation from the community to improve its usefulness.
  • Converting Legacy Content to DITA -- The purpose of this group is to share information on recrafting legacy content so that it can be used in the DITA environment.
  • DITA for Business Docs and Content Contributors -- DITA *outside* Technical Manuals and Help. Here we discuss integration of Engineer Contributions, User Generated Content, Requirements Specs ...



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