DITA content at the Conference for Software User Assistance

DITA is an important topic at the Conference for Software User Assistance.
The following sessions highlight DITA, XML, and information architecture:
Information Modeling in XML • Bob Boiko
Using DITA as a Content Delivery System for Mobile Devices • Kris Rockwell
An Update on DITA Features, Tools, and Best Practices • Tony Self
Making Metadata Work • Mike Crandall
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using XML for Book Publication • Richard Hamilton
Structures, Semantics, Controls, and More: HTML 5 is Here! • Char James-Tanny
Enhancing DITA Web Help with TOCJS and Zoom Search Engine • Pam Noreault
XSL Techniques for Processing XML • Simon Bate
From Info Strategy to Info Types • Bob Boiko
WinANT Echidna - The DITA Open Toolkit Made Easy • Tony Self
DITA and Complimentary Open Source Tools Perspective • Thomas Towle
A Look at DocBook 5.0 and Comparisons with DITA • Richard Hamilton
An Authoring Strategy for XML-based eLearning using Flash or Silverlight • David Castillo
Converting from Multiple Formats to DITA-compliant XML • John M. Kinsky
Introduction to DITA Conditional Processing • Dave Gash

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