DITA OT won't load my plugin

Hello everybody,

Can somebody help me get my plugin up and running?

I'm running DITA OT and I created a tiny plugin.The plugin is intended to override the default behavior of putting a single quote ' in empty table cells. The plugin seems to be completely ignored, because putting nonsense at the top of the plugin.xml file does not cause the build to fail.

I made the plugin as follows:

1. I created a new directory demo\sdlwcm in the DITA directory.

2. I created a plugin.xml in that new directory with the following contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<plugin id="com.sdl.customization">

  <feature extension="dita.xsl.xslfo" value="xsl/xslfo/dita2fo-calstable.xsl" />


3. I created a file  xsl\xslfo\dita2fo-calstable.xsl in demo\sdlwcm which contains the override behavior (it contains a template called 'fillit', which is also used in the actual default dita2fo-calstable.xsl).

4. When I run the build, it produces output as if the plugin does not exist. I run the build by running my own ant file, which calls the following target: 

<target name="buildPDFWithDITAOT">

<ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${dir.ditaot}">

<property name="args.logdir" value="${dir.work}"/>

<property name="dita.temp.dir" value="${dir.work}/tmp"/>

<property name="output.dir" value="${dir.work}"/>

<property name="dita.dir" value="."/>

<property name="args.draft" value="no"/>

<property name="args.indexshow" value="no"/>

<property name="args.artbl" value="no"/>

<property name="transtype" value="pdf"/>

<property name="args.input" value="${basedir}/${map}.ditamap"/>

<property name="args.fo.userconfig" value="lib/fopconfig.xml"/>




Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? 

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