Sample custom.xsl override file for PDF transform

On Aug 25, 2010, I gave a presentation about producing PDFs using BookMaps. Part of that demo was an examination of the XSL file that contained the template overrides I used when producing Practical DITA.

At the meeting, I received a request to post the file here, so I am adding it now. The caveat is that the file is offered as is and I will not take support requests. This file was a rudimentary learning experience and there are a number of things that could have been done better, such as putting some of the text in the variables files and bringing those in as variable references. There could have also been easier ways to place content on the pages, but my XSL-FO experience is limited so I did it the easiest way I could figure out at the time. The result worked for Practical DITA, but you may want to change the methodology for your uses.

What's contained in this file? Here's what the file does (in no real specificity):

  • Formats the TOC so it was esthetically pleasing to me. You may not like what I did, but it worked (especially with the original size of the book).
  • Changes the Note processing such that the graphic is removed and the Note title is offset from the Note content.
  • Changes DL processing to offset the definition on lines after the term.
  • Creates a title page from the Bookmeta information such that the TItle and Author are on the front of the page and other information, such as ISBN, Edition, Edition Notice, and the like are on the reverse side and positioned in more standard areas (in my opinion).
  • Adds headings to task elementss (this was created prior to any default headings that may be in place today).
Hope you find this useful.
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