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Editorial Board Members



Deb Boczulak is the Product Manager for XyEnterprise’s Content Management product line, including Contenta and Contenta DITA. Ms. Boczulak joined XyEnterprise in 2000, bringing a wealth of experience in technical support, product introductions, upgrades and software implementations. Prior to XyEnterprise, she held several supervisory and management positions in Technical Support at SunGard Financial Systems.

Robin Cover is Editor of the Cover Pages web site and Daily Newslink. References for DITA are included within the Cover Pages. He also advises the OASIS Technical Services Department on web architecture issues.

Don Day is Chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, project lead for the DITA Open Toolkit, is IBM's Lead DITA Architect, and has represented IBM on the W3C XSL and CSS Working Groups. See Don's Daylights blog and his Resources page for the Open Toolkit.

Bob DoyleBob Doyle is CEO of, the organizer of the Boston DITA Users Group, and developer of the international DITA Users membership organization, providing web-based tools for writers getting started with DITA. He publishes the DITA specifications as an Eclipse Help DITA Infocenter and edits a DITA Newsletter. Bob's other DITA support sites include DITA Blog, DITA News, DITA Tutor, and DITA Wiki. He writes regularly on structured publishing at EContent Magazine. He has a personal blog and a blog on

Bruce Esrig is an Information Architect and Interaction Designer. He contributed specification language during the release of DITA 1.0 and built consensus on several issues during the development of DITA 1.1. He contributed a taxonomy to seed the tagging mechanism on

Kay (Ethier) Whatley is Senior Trainer and Consultant for Bright Path Solutions. Her teaching and consulting experience includes XML and related technologies, DITA, structured authoring, content management, FrameMaker, and Structured FrameMaker. She has authored several books on publishing technologies (XML Weekend Crash Course, XML and FrameMaker, Advanced FrameMaker, XML Problem-Design-Solution), as well as a Korean martial arts book.

JoAnn Hackos is co-chair of the OASIS DITA Editorial and founding member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee. She is president of Comtech Services, Inc. and executive director of The Center for Information-Development Management. She has been instrumental in promoting DITA with the information-development community worldwide.


Scott Prentice is the President of Leximation, Inc., and focuses on providing tools and solutions for print and online publishing.

Michael Priestley is co-editor of the DITA Specification, and IBM's representative on the OASIS DITA Technical Committee. He is one of DITA's original architects at IBM, and is an experienced information architect and XML architect . He is currently coordinating taxonomy initiatives across several IBM communities. You can read his blog at

Amber Swope is a Principal Consultant for JustSystems in the Content Lifecycle Solutions practice. Amber has led and supported DITA migration and implementation for projects at IBM. She has presented at industry conferences and published articles on successfully implementing DITA.

Su-Laine Yeo is an Interaction Design Specialist at JustSystems, where she is responsible for analyzing customer requirements and continually improving the usability of the XMetaL product family. She has delivered numerous conference presentations, articles, and courses on DITA. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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