OASIS Webinar: Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization Reference Model (OAXAL)

16 Nov 2010 - 15:00 - 15:45
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OASIS invites you to attend a free, 45-minute webinar about OAXAL - the Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization Reference Model. OAXAL is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles and provides a well defined template of how to design and implement an Open Standards based architecture for XML Authoring and Localization. Implementing an Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization has many benefits. It allows for the easy interchange of data and integration with other systems as well as helping to reduce substantially the cost of authoring and localization through automation and reuse. OAXAL also provides a clear recipe of how to implement the superb Open Standards that currently exist for Localization, such as XLIFF, ITS, SRX, TMX, GMX, xml:tm and Unicode TR#29. Without OAXAL, all of these Open Standards are difficult to appreciate and implement in a meaningful way. OAXAL is also a natural complement to DITA; OAXAL provides a clear way of implementing effective and efficient architectures for XML Authoring and Localization, encourages Open APIs and the use of key open Standards in an effective and efficient manner leading to a potentially significant reduction of costs.

OAXAL also strongly encourages standardization in the way that text data is exchanged, and processed from the linguistic standpoint. It provides the 'standard gauge' data bus with which we can send and receive XML encoded text through authoring, translation memory and machine translation systems.

Who should attend:

Anyone with an interest in XML Authoring and Localization, specially the DITA community:
- Technical Architects dealing with linguistic data and CMS systems
- Companies active in the field of XML Authoring
- Localization Service Providers
- Academics specializing in the field of linguistics and language research.


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