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Componize is a dedicated component-CMS software that optimizes the production, management and publishing of high-volume content, such as product documentation, tech pubs, learning contents, legal documentation...

From entreprise-wide collaboration to global shared services, the new interface enables team members to create wikis, blogs, forums, links and check the team activity.

Componize key features:

  • Use the online Author editor, a desktop XML editor, and a MS Word plugin
  • Create and reuse topic content templates 
  • Maintain links through cut-and-paste, renaming files and folders
  • Track and version easily scaling volumes of components
  • Validate XML and filter contents with issues (XML and links)
  • Track and maintain where content is (re)used
  • Synchronize metadata and apply metadata templates
  • Automate reviews and approvals with extensible workflows
  • Inject information stored in other sources (e.g. source code...)
  • No vendor lock-in with extensive use of open standards (RDF, XLink, XPath, XProc...) plus content stored as native XML
  • Select a multi-platform support entreprise-wide solution
  • Support extended, specialized, and custom DITA
  • High availability services
  • Access service online 24/7
No maintenance, no hassle!

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