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Componize is a dedicated component-CMS software that optimizes the production, management and publishing of high-volume content, such as product documentation, tech pubs, e-learning contents, legal documentation...

From entreprise-wide collaboration to global shared services, the new interface enables team members to create wikis, blogs, forums, links and check the team activity.

Componize key features:

  • Choice of editors: connect to editors with open standard protocols: WebDAV, CIMS...
  • Maintain links through cut-and-paste, renaming files and folders
  • Track and version easily scaling volumes of components
  • Validate XML and filter contents with issues (XML or links)
  • Checks and show where your content is (re)used
  • Automate reviews and approvals with extensible workflows
  • Automate release snapshots
  • No vendor lock-in with extensive use of open standards (RDF, XLink, XPath, XProc...) 
Componize is highly extensible and customizable with open APIs. Componize is packaged with the latest DITA DTD schemas and style sheets.
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