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10 DITA Lessons Learned From Tech Writers in the Trenches

If you're considering a move to the Darwin Information Typing Architcture (DITA), make time to read "10 DITA Lessons Learned From Tech Writers in the Trenches."  This exclusive and informative article is based on interviews with technical writers at more than 20 software companies -- tech writers that are actually using DITA to create documentation today. It's jam-packed with useful advice, practical tips, honest warnings, and lessons learned from technical writers in the trenches. No marketing blabber. No hidden sales agenda.

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<soapbox> Article archive

This archive provides links to DITA <soapbox> feature articles:

  • Keywords: why, where and when to use them by Amber Swope
  • Reuse strategies and the mechanisms that support them by France Baril
  • Do We Really Need All that Glue? by JoAnn Hackos, PhD
  • Specialize, but not right away by Bruce Esrig

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Adobe Systems Speaks Out on DITA: Internal use of FrameMaker, CMS, and DITA

by Kay Ethier and Scott Abel

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An Implementor's Viewpoint: Innodata-Isogen on DITA (Interview with Rick Schochler)

In this exclusive interview with Rick Schochler of Innodata Isogen, Scott Abel talks to Rick about his company’s experience working with the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). While he and his firm see DITA as an excellent “option” for some organizations, he advises readers to maintain a “healthy skepticism” when it comes to software tools and their “support” for DITA. “Some day we’ll have tools that will provide some default functionality,” Schochler says.

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An XML Architecture for Technical Documentation: The Darwin Information Typing Architecture

by Don Day, Erik Hennum, John Hunt, Michael Priestley, David Schell, Nancy Harrison

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Astoria Software's Move to DITA: An Interview with Chip Gettinger

In this exclusive interview, Scott Abel interviews Chip Gettinger, VP Services and Sales Support at Astoria Software, an XML content management software vendor, about his company’s experience moving to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA).

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Designing Your Information Architecture for Content Reuse: Five Best Practices

The increasing popularity of Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) means that more users within an organization are looking to repurpose and reuse content across the enterprise. To realize the promise of reuse with DITA, you must optimize the mechanisms it supports and understand how to implement it. When considering the implementation of a reuse strategy, consider the following five best practices.

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Die wichtigsten Fragen zu DITA

DITA - Getting Started

by Christian Kravogel, SeicoDyne GmbH, and Boris Horner, Dr.-Ing. Boris Horner

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DITA - The mechanics of a single sourcing project

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML-based, end-to-end architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information.

This paper describes how DITA-based documentation was implemented at CEDROM-SNi, one of Canada's leading on-line news content aggregators. The project delivers documentation as diverse as user training materials and Web Services reference guides targeted to programmers. We focus on the benefits, how tos, and lessons learned.

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