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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

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Overview of DITA 1.2

Presentation by Kristen James Eberlein at the RealWorld DITA conference, Raleigh, NC, on 14 September 2009.

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Overview of DITA 1.3

Presentation given by Kristen James Eberlein at Content Management Strategies/DITA North America, April 2014. Also a PDF of the session handout, which includes a summary of the "Changes from DITA 1.2 to DITA 1.3."

A revised version of this presentation given at Congility 2014.

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Producing PDFs using Bookmap

Presentation at the March 25, 2009 meeting of the RTP DITA Users' Group by Julio Vazquez, Systems Documentation, Inc.

The presentation will describe the bookmap specialization and how the DITA Open Toolkit currently processes the bookmap to produce PDFs. Julio also will present a methodology to minimize the maintenance problems associated with managing similar maps for print and HTML.

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Recorded DITA Webinars

Numerous pre-recorded webinars previously provided by leading industry experts on the business benefits of DITA as well as planning and implementing a DITA-based solution.

Webinars can be accessed here (note: requires registration)

    Getting Started with DITA

    Abstract: You already know that DITA is right for your organization. But how do you implement DITA effectively in your organization to deliver the anticipated cost and time savings?

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Recording of OASIS DITA 1.3 Webinar

On 6 August 2014, the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and the OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee jointly sponsored a Webinar on DITA 1.3. The Webinar included the following speakers:

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Reuse 1.1

From DITA Europe 2007 - an overview of updated reuse capabilities in DITA 1.1

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Silicon Valley DITA Interest Group Presentations

Archived presentations from past meetings.

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Simplified Technical English, benefits of controlled authoring and how it facilitates DITA

Simplified Technical English, benefits of controlled authoring and how it facilitates DITA. Presented at the DITA 2007 conference by Berry Braster of Tedopres International.

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Single-sourcing with DITA (at Philips Ultrasound)

At Philips Ultrasound, we deal with a number of driving forces. First and foremost for us are the regulatory and legal requirements of the medical device field. Part of that are the language requirements for various countries. Finally, we are dealing not just with a software environment but a complex scenario involving software development, interoperability, hardware manufacturing, and service operations.

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Special Webinar: If You Can't Break 'Em, Join 'Em: A New Approach to Content Silos

More and more, content strategists in organizations want to break the “content silos” that
each content-producing team has created. But each team is more
comfortable using its own customized technology and workflow. Joe Gelb,
President of Suite Solutions, will show you how to join the silos, not break them.

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