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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

Recording of the webinar: single source with Alfresco and MS Word

The video, [Webinar June 2015] Reuse content and publish to PDF, Web and ebook with Alfresco and MS Word, is ready to watch.

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IBM Information Architecture Workbench Handout

Information Architecture Workbench (IAWB), formerly known as Task Modeler, is a free, Eclipse-based tool for graphically designing, building, and editing DITA maps and relationship tables. IAWB enables you to visualize various properties of the map, such as linking between files. In the handout you find how to download, install and setup of the IBM Information Architecture. Furthermore you learn how to design a small, DITA-based information set, creating a map, creating relationships and generating stub files.

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Video of DITA for Help presentation

The attached zip file contains an unedited video of the presentation given by Ben Allums and Stan Doherty to the Central Texas, Boston, and RTP DITA Users' Groups. The video runs about 89 minutes.

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DITA Plus plug-in user documentation

The attached HTML file contains user documentation for Deborah Pickett's Plus plug-in. It describes:

  • How to install the plug-in
  • Invoking the plug-in
  • Arguments that change the behavior of the plug-in

I hope this fills a need for the community. Comments are welcome.

Julio J. Vazquez

SDI Global Solutions

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DITA and Information Architecture

Presentation by Kristen James Eberlein at DITA Europe 2008, November 17

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