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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

Planning for DITA Success: How to Deploy DITA, Step-By-Step

In part two of a two-part whitepaper series, XMetaL and the Rockley Group, thought-leaders in DITA, describes how to implement DITA effectively in your organization by applying the right tools and technologies.


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Planning for DITA Success: How to Set Up the Right Team and the Right Strategy

XMetaL and the Rockley Group, thought-leaders in DITA, shows you the right approach to DITA implementation in the practical whitepaper “Planning for DITA Success: How to Set Up the Right Team and the Right Strategy”. This is part one of a two-part whitepaper series. It contains checklists, practical examples and step-by-step instructions that illustrate how to transition smoothly to a DITA model that delivers success. 

What you’ll learn:

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Topic-Oriented Information Development and Its Role in Globalization

A Gilbane Report white paper, written by Senior Editor Bill Trippe.

Executive Summary

Globalization is a critical issue for any company interested in expanding its markets. For the company that markets sophisticated products, globalization is both more difficult and more critical because of the rich content that is needed to support these products.

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DITA Pocket Guide

The DITA Pocket Guide is a clear and concise overview of DITA basics in a compact 50-page format.  From topics to maps, from elements and attributes to specialization, it's an indispensable quick reference for beginner and practitioner alike.  The DITA Pocket Guide is packed with valuable information and available free of charge.

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Introduction to DITA: A Basic User Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture

By Jennifer Linton and Kylene Bruski, Comtech Services, Inc., March, 2006.

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