CTDUG June: "Usecases for Mashup"

In this presentation, Seth Park shows examples of use cases for mashup in real-world scenarios being defined by the Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee (SIDSC) as they discover the relationship between the SIDSC specialization and pre-existing industry standard XML formats. Many people have expressed an interest in using DITA as part of a distributed information architecture. This interest comes from two primary use cases:

Get: DITA content needs data from non-DITA data sources ("DITA as primary architecture")
Give: non-DITA data sources need DITA content ("DITA as documentation sub-module")

The proposed DITA Mashup subcommittee will focus on defining DITA's relationship with non-DITA data sources in order to provide a solution for these use cases. If you are interested in participating in the subcommittee, please email seth.park@freescale.com.
usecases-for-mashup-sidsc-20090624.mov57.66 MB
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