Designing and Delivering Dynamic Training and eLearning with DITA

Presentation by John Hunt at XPubs 2008.

DITA is an OASIS standard for designing, authoring, and publishing modular information. Its extensible architecture makes large content sets much more manageable and customizable. (say something on topics, maps, metadata)

In the world of learning and training, our customers are demanding smaller, more consumable content chunks - 10 or 15 minutes of targeted instruction that addresses specific objectives. And we need to liberate the content, allowing for customization, user contributions, sharing, commenting, tagging, rating, interacting, mashing, and transforming.

Attend this session to learn about the new support in DITA 1.2 for creating, assembling, and delivering topic-based learning and training content. Take a hands-on look at how to apply DITA best practices for creating well-structured learning objects, with learning metadata, and assessment interactions, and organizing them for delivery as stand-alone HTML, PDF, or as a SCORM-compliant content package.

And take a peak into the future of dynamic content delivery and web 2.0 with DITA, where users, customers, instructors, and learners can customize, remix, intermingle, and transform content to meet specific needs. See a demo of how modular content combined with web services enables on-demand, dynamic, customizable delivery of DITA learning and training content.


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